Fine Fabric Care has also been maintaining the finest commercial interiors in Columbus, Ohio for over 30 years. We service many of the top law firms, accounting firms, and corporate offices.

In 1980, Fiber-Seal of Central Ohio was established as the premier stain protection service for soft surfaces. The business was geared toward high end residential clientele who invested in very nice furniture and carpet. They had kids, pets and entertained frequently. This was the perfect match! At the time, Fiber-Seal was not equipped to handle any cleaning so those services were subcontracted. After a few years, Fine Fabric Care of Columbus was started to handle all the cleaning for the Fiber-Seal clients.

It didn’t take long before the business branched out to the commercial sector. One of the first notable accounts was The Huntington Bank executive offices in The Huntington Center as well as several prestigious law offices also located in The Huntington Center. Soon Bank One was added to the list. In the beginning, Fine Fabric Care focused on carpet and chair cleaning until one inquisitive facility manager at Bank One suggested they try cleaning workstation panels. Three companies, including Fiber-Seal/Fine Fabric Care, were invited to test their cleaning method on a panel. Keep in mind that this was in 1985-86 when the practice of cleaning panels wasn’t as popular as it is today. One of the test solutions was to lay the panel on the floor and use the carpet cleaning wand. Needless to say, that was NOT the winning test! Fiber-Seal was awarded the job and went on to clean a tremendous amount of workstations at Bank One facilities across Central Ohio.

Today, Fiber-Seal/Fine Fabric Care is still the leading panel cleaning company in Central Ohio. Over the years, the list of services has evolved, especially on the commercial side of the business. Customized carpet & upholstery maintenance programs are designed to fit the budget and expectation of each client. Ceramic tile & grout cleaning is one of the newer services offered.

Change over the years has been carefully orchestrated in order to stay true to their roots. At least 50% of their business is still focused on high end residential servicing many of the finest homes in Columbus. Fiber-Seal/Fine Fabric Care has carved out a niche for those who want a higher end, quality provider whether the need is commercial or residential.

Fiber Seal

The Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System combines superior post-installation fabric treatment with exceptional follow-up service.  Discover more about Fiber Seal here.

Carpet Cleaning

We can work with your business to customize a program best suited for your budget and appearance level.

Upholstery Cleaning

Having a clean task chair has been linked to higher employee productivity and overall moral. We can clean the finer upholstery pieces found in executive offices and lobbies that other cleaners are not capable of servicing.   Read more about who we service here. 

Fabric Panel Cleaning

Removal of dust and soils from workstation panels improves the air quality in your office and makes a more productive environment. Periodic cleaning of your panels prolongs the life of your system and improves the overall appearance of your office space.

Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning

If your restrooms, cafeteria or lobby have tile, we can handle that maintenance for you as well.

Do not let your janitorial company care for your fine interior. Call the experts at Fiber-Seal/Fine Fabric Care today!

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