drapery cleaning

Drapery Cleaning

Drapery Cleaning

We are equipped to handle most types of drapery cleaning without having to take them down. The techs use a special attachment that defuses the suction to allow for an effective vacuuming technique. They follow a multi-step process, first inspecting the drapes or valance for any damage due to sun or a floor vent or pets as well as looking for spots that may need additional attention. The drapes are overall vacuumed then followed by a dry cleaning spray then again vacuumed leaving you with dust free, freshened up window treatments. Although we are very particular about the details, you may need to re-fluff your valance or reposition tie backs to put your window treatments back to their original hanging form. We are happy to work with you on the final inspection of our service.

Sheer draperies are generally not stable enough for us to give you the same results as a heavier, lined window treatment. We recommend that they be taken down and sent to a dry cleaner.

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