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Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning

Our trained technicians will help you improve the appearance of your carpet whether you have dirt built up in heavy traffic areas, your dog has marked his spot at the foot of your bed or your party guest got a little sloppy. Pets, food and wine are all very common for our techs on a day to day basis. Not all spots are removable, but we promise that we will do whatever we can to make you happy with our service.

Hot water extraction is the most effective way to clean carpet leaving you with clean and sanitized carpet. Our goal is to leave you with minimal dry time. Depending on the starting condition of your carpet and the interior temperatures, you can expect your carpet to be dry in 6-12 hours.

We also use portable extraction equipment for clients living in high-rise buildings. The portable equipment eliminates the need to drag hoses through the building keeping doors propped open which offers a secure solution and the building security loves it!

To prepare for the crew’s arrival, please pick up any smaller items that are in the path that you would like cleaned taking the extra precaution to put any items of sentimental value in a safe place. We are willing to move upholstered furniture and small end tables & dressers, but entertainment units, beds, china cabinets and large dining tables are carefully cleaned around. Small plastic sheets may be left under table and chair legs in order to protect your carpet from stain or rust transfer onto your freshly cleaned carpet. Those sheets can be removed and discarded after your carpet has dried.

We charge by the square foot for cleaning carpet and area rugs. Sometimes traffic areas are only in need of cleaning. You will be charged only for the square footage that we actually clean. Pricing varies depending on the type of carpet…nylon vs. wool for instance. Wool carpet requires some tender care when cleaning as do area rugs. Area rugs are cleaned in place. There is no need to worry about your wood floor getting wet underneath your rug. The amount of water used isn’t significant and will not penetrate your rug. If you have experienced a reoccurring pet problem on one particular area rug, we might recommend that you use a different type of cleaning. We are happy to refer you to someone for help!

You won’t be charged for pre-spotting or deodorizing. Our crews will not try to up sell you on unnecessary services. We work by appointment, so we do ask that you understand if any requested additional cleaning needs to be rescheduled. A small amount typically isn’t an issue, but to add several rooms of carpet not originally on the schedule will likely throw off the rest of the day’s appointments. The crew will be happy to call the office for another appointment to complete your request.

Please call the office for an appointment and pricing information.

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