Carpet Cleaning New Albany Ohio

Our trained New Albany, Ohio technicians will help you improve the appearance of your carpet whether you have dirt built up in heavy traffic areas, your dog has marked his spot at the foot of your bed, or your party guest got a little sloppy. Pets, food and wine are all very common for our technicians on a day to day basis. Not all spots are removable, but we promise we will do whatever we can to make you happy with our service. Hot water extraction is the most effective carpet cleaning technique, leaving you with a clean and a sanitized carpet. We know everyone has a busy schedule, for your convenience, our goal is to limit dry time. Depending on the starting condition of your carpet and the interior temperatures, you can expect your carpet to be dry in 6-12 hours. To prepare for the New Albany, Ohio crew’s arrival, please pick up any smaller items that are in the path you would like cleaned, while taking the extra precaution to put any items of sentimental value in a safe place. We are willing to move upholstered furniture and small end tables & dressers; however, larger objects such as entertainment units, beds, china cabinets and large dining tables will be carefully cleaned around. Small plastic sheets may be left under table and chair legs in order to protect your carpet from stain or rust transfer onto your freshly cleaned carpet. Those sheets can be removed and discarded after your carpet has dried. Contact the closest New Albany, Ohio location for appointment and pricing information today!

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