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How To Clean Window Treatments

How do you care for and clean window treatments to ensure longevity?

Window treatments can be one of the most unique and expensive elements in any room, but oftentimes they receive little care. As a homeowner, you need to be aware of the three sources of problems for window treatments that are difficult to correct.

1. Moisture

Condensation and water leaks from opened or damaged windows can ruin draperies. Depending on the fiber content, shrinking an ringing can be severe and sometimes permanent. You’ll want to check the seals and edges of windows regularly to make sure there is no moisture.

Food and drink stains can occur on draperies too. They can oftentimes go unnoticed on the edges and fringes of draperies. Any room with a view can be subject to food spills and stains.

2. Pets

Cats and dogs love to rub against window fabrics or hide among the folds, leaving their body oils on the fabric. These oils then tend to attract and hold dry soils.

Pet hair can also be a problem. It sticks to the fabrics and darkens them with body oils. Some dog and cats like to ‘mark their territory’ and pet urine can cause permanent discoloration to the finest window treatments.

3. Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can create irreversible damage to soft surface window treatments. Fibers can become degraded, and can actually disintegrate over time from exposure to the sun’s powerful UV rays.

Drapery with strong pleating can have irregular fading because the sun hits some areas and not others.

Read more about protecting upholstery fabric from fading here.

Day to Day Care of Window Treatments

Window treatments benefit most from regular vacuuming. Vacuum two to three times a year for damage prevention due to dust or dry spills. Areas where pets rub should be vacuumed more frequently.

Water based spills should be blotted with a white paper towel or terry towel. Try drying the area with a fan after blotting to prevent additional ringing or shrinking.

The base way to prevent sun damage to draperies to to add a fabric liner to your drapers and have UV inhibiting film or protective glass on your windows.

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