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    How To Clean Window Treatments

    How do you care for and clean window treatments to ensure longevity? Window treatments can be one of the most unique and expensive elements in any room, but oftentimes they receive little care. As a homeowner, you need to be aware of the three sources of problems for window treatments that are difficult to correct. 1. Moisture Condensation and water leaks from opened or damaged windows can ruin draperies. Depending on the fiber content, shrinking an ringing can be severe and sometimes permanent. You’ll want to check the seals and edges of windows regularly to make sure there is no moisture. Food and drink stains can occur on draperies too.…

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    How To Protect Upholstery Fabric From Fading

    How Do You Protect Upholstery Fabric From Fading? Natural sunlight makes any room feel more luxurious. It can brighten colors and even create the illusion of a larger space. However sunlight can cause your finest fabrics to fade over time. Is it possible to protect your fine furniture from fading? Testing Anti-Fading Fabric Treatments Our Fiber-Seal did extensive testing to determine the validity of the claims made by “anti-fading” fabric treatment that are currently on the market. One company claimed that their product reduces fading up to 40%. Tests were conducted using a Xenon Arc lamp, which comes the closest to duplicating natural sunlight. Results of the test showed that…

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    How To Clean Oriental Rugs

    Care and Cleaning Of Oriental Rugs A well-chosen Oriental rug can be the soul of any room. And in a high traffic area they can become soiled very quickly. Here are some tips on helping your Oriental rug look its best and retain its value. Does Your Oriental Rug Have Flat Woven Or Pile Construction? Flat woven Oriental rugs such Dhurries and Kilims do not have the soil hiding attributes that pile construction offers. In fact, they tend to hold soils at the surface and can become unsightly in traffic areas, especially if not properly maintained. Oriental rugs with pile constructions (Persian, Chinese, etc.) are possibly the most efficient soil…

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    Experienced Service

    Building lasting relationships since 1980! Our clients have relied on us to maintain a high level of quality appearance in their homes. Repeat clients are the foundation of our success. Many of them have been with us from the start! We are fully insured and committed to putting your mind at ease.

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