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Bissell Carpet Cleaning Vs Professional Cleaning

Bissell Carpet Cleaning Machine versus Professional Carpet Cleaning

Let’s look at the Pro’s and Con’s if you either buy or rent a Bissell Carpet Cleaning Machine versus getting a professional service like Fine Fabric Care.

Pros of a Professional

  • If you hire a professional, it is the most expedient solution to your problem. They come in, clean your carpet and they are gone.  This gives you time to do other things around the house.Bissell Carpet Cleaning Machine versus Professional
  • They have better equipment than you can buy or rent.
  • They are experienced at what they do. You are not.


  • It might cost a little more to have someone else do it.

Pros of a Bissell Carpet Cleaning Machine

  • If you buy a cleaning system, you don’t have to make appointments or wait around for someone else.
  • It could cost less, if you clean a lot.


  • It’s labor intensive
  • The Bissell Carpet Cleaning Machine can cost up to $550
  • It will take longer than hiring a professional
  • You will have to deal with the mess of spilled cleaning chemicals, waste water, etc.
  • If renting, you will have to pick the system up and take it back – More time

Also if you buy a Bissell Carpet Cleaning Machine it’s possible you could have a bad experience like some of these customers.

Here are some Bissell reviews from Amazon.

Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner Machine

0 out of 5 stars After only 6 months Dumped water uncontrollably saturating my carpet and then would not suck up water

ByRose Hearton May 10, 2017

Style Name: Big Green Only|Verified Purchase

I don’t usually write reviews but I just had to this time especially because I bought this unit because of all the great reviews. Like the others with one star reviews, after loving this unit and it working amazing for about 6 months, it started to dump water out saturating my carpet and then the suction was not working well enough to pull all that water out. Just got off the phone with customer service and they were not helpful as I wanted to return this unit and they instead expected me to take it in for repairs and they said it MIGHT be covered under warranty.

1.0 out of 5 stars Bissell’s Customer Service Is Horrible!

Bytiffnmikeon November 18, 2015

Style Name: Big Green Only|Verified Purchase

We loved this machine, until the flow indicator began spewing water after six months — a known issue according to Bissell’s website and some reviews that I didn’t scroll down far enough to read. We are being forced to drive the machine across town to have it repaired, or to pay out of pocket to ship it back to the company. Bissell’s customer service offered us no options beyond those. Very disappointing for a $400 machine with a known defect.

1.0 out of 5 stars  VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

ByDJ Synergyon June 8, 2016

Style Name: Big Green Only|Verified Purchase

It worked fine the first go around when I purchased it. It just didn’t suck up a lot of the pet hair that it would free from the carpet so I would have clumps of hair just sitting on top of the carpet. I also vacuumed before using the carpet cleaner to pick up as much debris as possible. The wand worked great on my couches.

Fast forward to 4 months later and this unit is not working properly for its second use. The wand has suction, but does not spray the solution at all. Then the machine itself stopped dispensing solution to the carpet in the middle of this cleaning session.


1.0 out of 5 stars Broke After 6 Uses

Bystellaon February 7, 2016

Style Name: Big Green Only|Verified Purchase

This bissell machine broke after 6 uses and I am furious since I am outside the warranty period (I only use the machine infrequently). The issue is that water is spewing out of the flow indicator on the top of the unit. I googled “water leaking from flow indicator on bissell green machine” and it came up with a bissell website that states: “If the cleaner leaks from the black and white flow indicator on the top of the machine, we’d like to assist you personally. Please call us at 800-237-7691. A representative will be ready and waiting to help you out!” Thinking this was a technical help line I waited on hold only to be asked for the model number and serial number and then told they would set up an appointment for me. WELL HOW ABOUT TELLING ME THE WEBSITE IS FOR SETTING UP AN APPOINTMENT ONLY? I feel ripped off

In fairness to the Bissell Carpet Cleaning Machine, most reviews were positive.

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